The British Alcohol & Drug Awareness Service (BADAS) is a completely voluntary organisation staffed by people who have at one time or another, experienced the pain and suffering of addiction, either personally or through someone they care about.

Every member of our friendly team gives their time without any kind of financial recompense. BADAS is not only a non-profit organisation it is funded entirely by its members out of their own pockets and we receive no grants or funding from anyone. We provide our services because we can and because we are all passionate about preventing human suffering through addiction.

We decided that as a small but dedicated team with limited funds and availability that the best way for us to achieve our goal was via the World Wide Web and this website represents our message. Our goal is to provide an online service that enhances the awareness and understanding of addiction to Alcohol and/or Drugs and provides a useful resource for the addict or the family and friends of the addict that can be relied upon to be both as accurate and as up to date as possible.

Our on-going library of content will cover the understanding addiction through to advice on where help can be sought both freely via the NHS, other charitable sources and privately if free sources are unable to help and finance is available for paid treatment.

The committee at BADAS is committed to ensuring people understand the dangers of addiction and the options available to them to find professional help and advice.

Find out more about each of them below and what they do for BADAS.

David Waterford – Committee Chairman
David WaterfordDavid is the founder and committee chairman of BADAS. David formed BADAS in 2010 driven by a long personal experience of helping a family member with their addiction to Alcohol.


Emily Waterford – Committee Secretary
Emily WaterfaorEmily alongside David is a founder member of the team and being David’s wife spent many years sharing the experience, desperation and eventual success of seeing a loved one’s passage from alcoholism to sobriety. Alongside David the pair continue to work tirelessly and spreading the BADAS philosophy both online and offline.

Caroline Barnet – Press and Digital Media Officer
Caroline BarnetCaroline looks after our digital and press relations. In particular Caroline is responsible for managing content production for the website. Caroline is a full time Digital Media marketing manager and devotes much of her personal time to the BADAS project.


Darren Brook – IT and Communications Officer
Daren BrookDarren has been with BADAS since before graduating from university with a degree in IT management services. Currently he manages part of a global IT infrastructure for FTSE 250 Company and yet still finds the time and enthusiasm to help out with our small but much needed technology requirements.

The committee members and volunteers at BADAS are fully committed to our cause which is to provide a definitive online map to assist people on their personal journey to a Drug and Alcohol free life.

We always welcome comments and criticism of the information we provide and will do our utmost to continually improve and update the the content we provide on the website. As a part time organisation, the best way to contact us is via our contact form to which we will respond as quickly as we can although at times, longer than we would like, but normally no more than 48 hours.