A person looking for alcohol rehabilitation services has plenty of choices. He/she can seek out private treatment at an inpatient or outpatient clinic, utilise services provided by the NHS, or take advantage of limited treatments offered by charities and support groups. The question we hear quite frequently is one of whether it is worth paying for private care when free care is available.

The individual in need of rehabilitation needs to make decisions based on the benefits of each kind of treatment weighed against how much the person can afford to spend. Here we break down the options, along with providing some examples you can look into.

Free Online Resources

If you are looking for more information regarding alcohol related issues, we recommend starting at the Alcohol Rescue website. It is an excellent resource for information about alcohol addiction, treatment and recovery services. It provides a lot of information that you will not find elsewhere, including a vast library of articles explaining the fundamentals of addiction.

The website is supported by trained professionals and offers a 24-hour helpline where you can get independent qualified advice for free. They also offer an alcohol rehab finder application you can use to identify rehab centres in your local area and a Rehab price comparison chart where you can compare the different levels of service and costs of private alcohol rehab treatment centres.

NHS Alcohol Services

The NHS offers limited alcohol rehabilitation services based on need. Their services are free to all UK residents, which is the biggest advantage of going the NHS route. Available services include prescription medications, counselling, and outpatient or home-based detox under the supervision of a registered nurse.

The biggest downside to NHS rehab is that it is oversubscribed. This could mean waiting times that are long enough to create additional problems. Also note that the NHS no longer provides residential rehabilitation except under the most extreme conditions.

NHS alcohol services are accessed through your local GP. If you are concerned about possible alcohol dependence, your first action would be to set an appointment to see your doctor. As far as advice is concerned, the only free NHS advice you will find outside of the doctor’s office will be found online. The best place to start is the NHS Choices website.

Charity-Based Alcohol Services

Free alcohol rehab services made available through charities and support groups are another avenue. Having said that, NHS programmes often combine with these other organisations to provide patients with counselling, group support and other services.

Examples of charities and support groups include Alcoholics Anonymous, Addaction, Adfam, Alcohol Concern, Al-Anon Families, and Action on Addiction. From time to time, there are church groups and other religious organisations offering services as well.

The kinds of services made available through charities and support groups are mainly limited to counselling and group support therapies. This may be enough for people in the early stages of alcohol abuse, but it is likely to be insufficient for someone who is a diagnosed alcoholic.

Private Alcohol Services

Private alcohol rehabilitation is the best form of rehabilitation for those who are completely dependent on alcohol. Private treatment offers the kinds of concentrated care needed to get well. As far as the patient is concerned, the biggest question with private alcohol treatment is finding the right clinic and programme.

Undergoing private treatment gives you access to a host of benefits including medicated and medically supervised detox, bespoke treatment plans, a team of dedicated therapists and support staff, and a residential environment that provides optimal conditions for recovery. The most obvious downside is cost. Unless patients have private health insurance, they must pay for private care out of pocket.

The best way to locate a private alcohol rehab is to go online. Most clinics now have websites you can check out directly to get all the details. Furthermore, there are numerous independent referral websites that offer details on dozens of private clinics throughout the UK. Here are a couple of examples:

  • The Priory Group  – The Priory Group is a leading provider of behavioural care in the UK. Their services are divided into four different areas, including addiction. On their website, you will find all the relevant information you need to understand the kinds of services they offer.
  • Castle Craig Hospital  – Castle Craig is a UK-based addiction treatment centre with an excellent reputation throughout Europe and around the world. The private facility was established in 1988. Here you will find high-quality residential treatment offered by a team of expert doctors, therapists and nurses.

There are choices if you need alcohol treatment of any kind. A treatment is out there, regardless of your need and budget.


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